Scheduled Cleaning in Santa Monica

Doing business in Santa Monica means addressing unique building sanitation and maintenance challenges and finding a reliable partner who can support your goals. Three Star Maintenance takes the stress out of budgeting for professional cleaning services by sitting down with you to discover and align with your individual needs right from the start. Our low rates accommodate businesses of all sizes in nearly every local industry. Here is a small peek at just a few of the types of organizations we’ve partnered with recently:

  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Community centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Boutique stores
  • Sports facilities
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Dental professionals
  • Veterinarians

No-Stress Commercial Cleaning Contracts That are Flexible to Your Needs

Don’t get used to lots of fine print and jargon you don’t have time to read on your commercial cleaning contracts. If you’ve ever received an estimate that fell short of the actual services received and got a big surprise on the price, you are not alone. We strive to be an honest cleaning company who puts your best interests first. Our transparent quoting process is through, involves an easy to ready written estimation, and is prepared after an onsite consultation— at no obligation to you.

Dedicated Daily Cleaning Service

Every day, your working environment is put to the test by your staff, guest, and the clients coming through your doors. Bad weather conditions and periods of prolonged rain, ice, or wind can mean lots of salt, sand, and debris being tracked in, as well as the arrival of flu and cold season. Protecting the health and wellness of your investment is easy with our dedicated daily cleaning service. Choose from a full suite of regular sanitation duties designed to make your space sparkle and keep it void of fast spreading germs and grime.

Weekly Cleaning Service Improves the Health and Comfort of Your Environment

When daily tasks have been completed, there are still a number of deeper cleaning items that need to be done every week. These tasks are designed to remove build up grease, stains, and hidden pathogens, making your building, fixtures, flooring, windows, walls, and appliances safe to use and looking like new again.

Deep Down Monthly Cleaning Service Extends the Longevity of Your Investment

Monthly cleaning services address building maintenance tasks that contribute to the longevity of your investment. This includes tasks like deep carpet cleaning, floor stripping and re-waxing, and washing of cabinets, baseboards, machinery and equipment that requires service and care to remain in good working order. While occurring less frequently, these items are no less important to your long-term prosperity and should be completed on a regular schedule to remain in compliance with municipal safety regulations.

A Local Cleaning Company With Hospital Grade Cleanliness Standards

Keep your Santa Monica property in compliance with building codes and safety regulations without the hassle of trying to coordinate internal staff to do the job. Our hospital-grade cleaning techniques and machinery allow us to move quickly, offering fast turnaround times on everything from one-time emergency cleans to full environmental and building maintenance packages that are customized to fit you perfectly.

Call our Santa Monica office to book an appointment to consult with our scheduled cleaning service team. We look forward to helping you find ways to reduce expenses and save time, without sacrificing quality results.